tantra remedies
Tantra shastra is an extract from vedas and upanishads and is more method oriented than theories and calculations.

Its more like emperical formulae derived in science, but has hidden meanings behind it. These methods give fast and accurate results.

# wearing an aluminium ring aroung middle finger will produce enuf heat in body to burn down extra fat and reduce obessity.

# wearing an iron ring (made from horse shoe) on middle finger will reduce mental tensions and will make you physically strong . This is used as a remedy for saturn related problems. It also melts kidney stones

# melt a horse-shoe and wear it as a wrist band to increase verility.

# for jupiter related problems like diabetes,asthma,phlegm and breathing probs, lack of memory power etc, try wearing a banana tree root in yellow thread as necklace or arm-band

# keeping a just born child's dried wombical chord in your wallet or any secret place where store some money/jewelery will produce multiple returns ( believed in few eastern countries and proved)

# if suffering through insomnia or bad dreams, keep a coral or a transparent crystal under your head/pillow while sleeping

# for people suffering from karma planets like saturn and Rahu ( also if they have a combination in their horoscope) and for those suffering from saturn's periods, subperiods, sade-sathi etc. They can keep an Eucalyptus leaf with them through out saturday to get relief. This can be done on all saturdays during that period

# if you're having problems with mercury, like loss of concentration, memory, though power, skin irritations, speech problems, weak nerves etc make a hole in a opper coin and throw it in a river.

# for people who have more expenditures than income, try to spread a dark blue cloth in your closet, where you keep your clothes/wallet etc do this on a saturday and see the result.

# for people who have severe problems with uncontrollable expenditure, take a bamboo pipe or a flute made of bamboo and fill it with sugar. take it to a lonely place (somewhere like woods/desert) when everyone is sleeping(ideal time is 2 hrs before sunrise) and bury it in land where people dont walk. After doing this, dont look back and drive back home and never again visit that place. # for childless people or for people who have frequent abortions. Man should fill a small pot made of clay with pure honey and close it with clay lid and tie up a cloth tightly around its lid. At midnight go to graveyard alone and dig near root of a tree and bury this pot. cover with soil and return without looking back. some back home, have a shower and sleep silently this should not be revealed even to wife.


The remedies prescribed by the astrologer should be done according to one’s affordability and limitations. Sincerity, Will-Power and faith are much more important than the ritual. For faster results, perform and go for Yantra, Mantra and Tantra remedies to attract Cosmic Energy. You need not stop, your own religious or other Worshippings, while performing our advised Remedies. The Remedies prescribed will be mostly applicable for present period, according to their individual Horoscope, Transitory Planetary periods, and mostly to pacify the Planets and relieve you from your problems, so please do the remedies with utmost dedication, faith, honesty in the power of Almighty God.

The Remedies will be always changing with the Time and Problems, Hence don’t go to too many Astrologers, without doing any Remedies, and going around too many Astrologers will not solve any problem.